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About Blue Bottle

Where did it all start?

My name is Rob Fisher, I am the founder of BluebottleNZ.

Many moons ago I began using ecigarettes as an emerging technology.
I was interested yet highly skeptical, after realizing it had serious potential I started importing my own ingredients from USA. At the time I didn't know it but when I would produce my own eliquids I quickly discovered that I had a bit of a Propylene Glycol reaction. So I began trying sans PG and away it went.... It then developed into a marketing and conceptual idea upon realizing there are many people who have a similar reaction to Propylene Glyocol eliquids. I aimed to fill that void for where there was a serious lack of local support, and to offer a transparent solution so customers know what they are getting.

Our goal
To provide a large array of 100% NATURAL real food type flavours primarily focused around being Propylene Glycol free. We pair this with "at cost" overnight tracked courier nationwide, getting your purchase from A to B as fast as possible.

We use overnight courier via NZPOST.
Your tracking number will be sent to you via email provided at checkout.
Clearing times are 10pm Mon-Fri - Collected at roughly 10am Mon - Fri
an example of clearing times and pickup.

All orders before 10pm Monday will be shipped 10am Tuesday. If your order was placed 11am for example, it will be cleared at 10pm with all other orders and picked up 10am the following day.

PG Free
We recently expanded to the point that we can now offer the customer the ability to select :
The solvent base of their flavour and the carrier solvent and/or ratio of their eliquids.
All on a sleek, fast interface. (thanks netfuel)
Whether it be 100% VG, MAX VG, AVG we've got your PGFREE eliquid covered both in viscosity and variety.
Note* This allows customers to also consider the viscosity required for their device.
...some 2nd generation tanks and older devices struggle to wick 100% vg fast enough.

Flavour Base
We now offer flavour bases in 3 fashions, allowing the customer to select from;
SC - Super Concentrated - Raw Extract (less that 3% residual alcohol or no more than 0.072% in 60ml of e-liquid)
VG - Flavour carried in Vegetable Glycerin. (alcohol-free)
PG - Flavour carried in Propylene Glycol.

Base Carrier
Our Carrier options let the customer select from;
VG - Vegetable Glycerin
PG - Propylene Glycol
AVG - Aqueous Vegetable Glycerin (10% de-ionized water)
80/20 VG+PG - 80% Vegetable Glycerin 20% Propylene Glycol
Note* Together with a PG flavoured base, provides on average a final ratio of 70/30

Nicotine Salts
Our Nicotine Salts are also in a Vegetable glycerin base. Nicotine salts occur naturally in tobacco. " “Smooth” is exactly how it sounds, completely masking the harsh characteristics of the nicotine inhale/exhale experience. The dominant cationic components in the “Smooth” formulation focus on binding nicotines basic nitrogen centers to “smoothen” the bit of the inhale, along with masking harshness of the exhale. This is a character that is extremely attractive to some! The vaper may enjoy the dosing aspects of nicotine, rather than the bite and burn accompanied by some free-base formulations. While this is attractive to some, the smooth stands to be a market game-changer. Low-nicotine vapers rejoice! Cloud-chasers and volume-exhalers consuming low nicotine levels will truly enjoy the “Smooth” nicotine salts formulation for its mellowing character. No irritation from nicotine in low to medium strengths will allow for an unmatched smoothness, ideal for letting formulators flavor artistry shine through and focus on the nuances of the vaping experience."- Nude Nicotine
We have also listed the diketones testing results for all our flavours.
To attract more customers, we came upon a unique opportunity to incorporate Propylene Glycol into our store.

Cream Shot This wouldn't be complete without adding a custom cream shot option.
Generally a touch of sweet cream can fill out the mouth feel on most single fruit flavors.
We typically add 1/2 a shot as to not affect the flavour profile.
We recommend sweet cream but have a range of creams available, we will list the recommended one on specific products, However if you desire something different, flick us an email or chat message and we can accommodate accordingly.

So which options will work best for me?
  • If you dont know the limitations of your device, it always pays to ask via chat or email.
  • We can assist you in finding the perfect viscosity for your device.
  • Additionally you can always look on godgle, ask at the store of purchase, or youtube.
  • We recommend AVG for people with 2nd gen or older tanks, small tanks, pens or other devices where wicking is a concern.
In conclusion
Our aim is to offer eliquids primarily focused around a Propylene Glycol free option everything else is a privilege.

Thank you for taking time to read this important information.
Feel free to contact us regarding any queries or requests and we will be happy to help you.


Robert Fisher.
022 011 2012